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goodbye, from heartfany

hi all, skys here.

i knew this was inevitable. it was just a matter of time. i have really enjoyed the past 3 years running heartfany, but now, unfortunately it is time for me to move on.

this has been a long time coming and i see this as not only a transition for me but for fany as well as she grows in her relationship. fany you have been an inspiration to me and many other fanytastics/sones for so long, and my final wish is just to meet you someday to thank you in person.

we all grow, we all change, and eventually we all have to move on.

finally, thank you to all my followers. i never thought i would reach 4500+ ever, so i am so grateful for all your love an support. i will be in korea until mid 2015 so if any of you ever want to meet me, just drop me a msg and i would be more than happy :)

thank you guys, and i wish you the best of luck as fanytastics, sones, and k-pop fans.